Changes to Availability - In-Person Service

  • 1st December 2021
Effective Immediately All Clients are advised to prepare themselves and their systems for services to be performed virtually in conjunction with planned future changes related to the Corporation. Out of an abundance of caution for the operational security, safety, and concerns related to COVID-19, TurkReno, herein the “Corporation”, ...
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Transition to new credit processing

  • 9th April 2019

We have transitioned to a new credit card processor. All credit cards will be removed from our systems. Cards will need to be replaced upon logging in to pay your next invoice now that our new processor is present.

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Migration of Services Occuring

  • 23rd February 2014
A majority of users have been migrated over to our new network. This process will finish 2/24/2014 at 12:00. Please note that access to the old network may cease at that time. This is the first time in nearly four years that we have performed such an upgrade and are excited to offer the new platform to our clients. You may contact ...
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New Features Added

  • 23rd May 2013
As a part of our pledge to keep providing outstanding service, we have implemented a project management system that clients can view and track the progress of a project. Clients can see the project management system from the main menu, selecting "Serivces" and then selecting "My Projects." We do hope that you will use this feature whenever you may ...
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