Changes to Availability - In-Person Service

  • Wednesday, 1st December, 2021
  • 00:01am

Effective Immediately

All Clients are advised to prepare themselves and their systems for services to be performed virtually in conjunction with planned future changes related to the Corporation.

Out of an abundance of caution for the operational security, safety, and concerns related to COVID-19, TurkReno, herein the “Corporation”, including its officers, directors, owners, managing agents, attorneys, shareholders, related entities, heirs, and assigns, will no longer provide ETA’s, arrival times, travel plans, itineraries, schedules, points of travel, home addresses, or current locations to anyone for any reason.

No client shall dictate the Corporation’s schedule or availability for any matter or reason regardless of the circumstances. Additionally, all month-to-month retainers and related services provided are now virtual only. Clients who in the past had in-person support may request future services rendered in-person at the discretion of the Corporation and at a premium cost.

All travel expenses related to any in-person services (including gas, lodging, and fares) are now fully billable and paid by Client regardless of retainer status.

If Corporation agrees to provide in-person service, Client is required to provide multiple windows, or timeframes, for providing service to accommodate these changes if the Corporation or its providers do not have access during Corporation’s normal business hours. Corporation is not required to provide service on any specific date and is allowed to reschedule without notice. Client will no longer be advised as to the starting or ending time service provided in until after the completion of service required or requested unless service is performed virtually.

Client should not rely on an estimate or date for service to be provided as a date for resolution of any matter as doing so is solely at Client’s own expense and risk.

If Corporation attempts to provide in-person service under this notice and Client is unavailable or makes service not possible after providing a window, Corporation reserves the right to invoice client for time traveled plus any applicable fees as deemed necessary, suspend Client, or terminate Client.

All matters deemed time-sensitive or an emergency by the Corporation will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The Corporation is the sole authority in the interpretation of this notice or for deeming a matter time-sensitive or emergency.

This announcement is provided as a courtesy and will be officially integrated in to our Terms of Service in the near future. All Terms prior remain in effect.

No exceptions shall be made to this policy under any circumstance.

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