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This article is depreciated and is no longer up to date. (01/01/2021)

Q: How do I setup the email that comes with managed hosting to Outlook? 

A: When adding a new account, Select Microsoft E-mail, POP, IMAP, then select Manually Configure Account Settings (Do not fill out the Auto Set-up), then select Internet E-Mail.

You should come to a screen that allows you to enter the following:

Name: Your Name
E-Mail: Full E-mail Address of Account You’re Adding (e.g., you@yourdomain.com)
Account Type: POP3 (IMAP Available, ask support)
Incoming Server: *
Outgoing Server: *
Username: Same as e-mail address. (Your full e-mail address)
Password: Assigned to you by TurkReno Staff. (If you cannot set or reset your password, please submit a ticket to Hosting Support.)
Check the Option to Remember Password

Click on More Settings –

Under the tab for Outgoing Server, check the option My Server Requires Outgoing Authentication and make sure that the first radio button - "Same setting as incoming mail server".

Under the tab for Advanced, do the following in the order below:

  1. On both drop down menus for “My server requires the following encryption type”, select SSL.
  2. Change the Incoming Server Port to 995 (POP).
  3. Change the Outgoing Server Port to 465 (SMTP).
  4. Make sure that the setting to delete mail after a certain number of days is checked.

You should then be able to click OK and then Test Settings.  If you followed these steps correctly, you should have two green checkmarks and a Microsoft Outlook Test E-mail in your Inbox. If you are not successful with these settings, there is the chance that you did not put the correct password in and it will trip our security settings. Therefore, please make sure that you have the correct password.

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